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Two Year Vacation - Biberach

25.04.2021, 20:00 Uhr

Two Year Vacation in Biberach

Two Year Vacation is the band that originates from its own contrast. The quintet founded in Gothenburg, Sweden´s second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness, makes rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop as we know and love from our youth. As if latter-day Arctic Monkeys had embodied Two Door Cinema Club‘s juvenile verve while drinking in the ABBA museum, Two Year Vacation is here to drive out all stale sense of the mundane.In Gothenburg, historically being a scene for heavy metal, Two Year Vacation thrives from finding the bright colors in between the tones of grey. With inspiration from the trivial daily routines, we’re all are familiar with, they make music that travels in a fascinating blend of Italo disco, rock and Caribbean kraut through easygoing joyful rhythms wrapped in Tropical vibes.After releasing two self-sustained EPs Two Year Vacation joined forces with the Hamburg based label Clouds Hill and Warner Music Germany. The result was the debut album ”Slacker Island” (Clouds Hill) released in 2019 and preceded by, amongst others, the radio hit single ”Better Off Alone” (Warner Music Germany), the dance floor filler ”Don’t Wanna Go Home” (Warner Music Germany) and the critics favorite ”I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)” (Clouds Hill).The album showcases the bands´ immaculate skill for crafting pop music from mundane situations in life and a mosaic of musical influences. Influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through Early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire and Peter Björn & John.While 2019 was a hectic year with both the release of their debut album as well as touring across Europe and first performances in both the US and the UK, Two Year Vacation never rests.Even though the name implies the opposite, Two Year Vacation is now announcing their upcoming EP "Bedroom Rock" due June the 12th. The first single released March 20th ”Don’t Know Anybody Else” was well received by both online editors, Playlist curators and Radio DJs. On 8th of May the EPs second offering was presented in the form of the single "Never been to Paris”. The song, another unadulterated indie-pop track was created by founding the beauty in the mundane, and by escapism through art.About "Never Been To Paris" the bands singer Anton says: ”We found ourselves in the last stages of recordings when we decided to bring something less ´emotional´ to the repertoire. I wrote the idea of the song in my bedroom with ´Oxford Comma´ by Vampire Weekend in the background. Three dead simple chords and a dorky meaning did the trick. I took the idea to the group and in 10 minutes it was finished and ready to go.Listen to both "Don´t Know Anybody Else" and "Never been to Paris" as well as the complete EP "Bedroom Rock" here"Bedroom Rock" arrives June 12th. All released by Clouds Hill.

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